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credit_Arthur_Fellig_-_350_pxlsSurrendering a beloved family pet is a heartbreaking situation for anyone to find themselves in.  At GRRI-NJ, we recognize that life changes and unexpected circumstances can happen to anyone, often leaving no alternative but to re-home the family pet. 

Our goal is to assist dog owners in finding a loving home for their golden, while remaining sensitive to how difficult a decision this solution for everyone involved.  Our dedicated volunteers will guide the owners through our process, while working closely to ensure that everything moves in a timely fashion.

Extensive information is gathered on any golden that GRRI-NJ considers for their rescue, along with photographs, vet records and an in-home evaluation of the dog.  From there, our team will notify the owner if GRRI-NJ feels that they are able to accept the dog into our rescue.    At that point, an owner surrender form is sent to the owner and the GRRI-NJ team begins the process of matching the dog with an approved adopter.  A dog might be directly adopted, or in some cases  the dog would go to an experienced GRRI-NJ foster home until the right adopter is found.

If you have found yourself in need of help re-homing your golden retriever, please call our hotline at (973) 208-7414.   From that point, you will be contacted by a  GRRI-NJ intake coordinators who will be able to answer any questions that you may have and begin the intake process with you. 

Our mission is to help find any Golden in need a safe, loving home.