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It’s a frigid -1 degrees in Baicheng

The shelter kennels have no heat and the dogs are covered in frost (see photo, left), shivering uncontrollably as their bodies try to generate body heat. Warm dog coats were sent in a desperate attempt to keep them from freezing to death in this extreme cold but many of the dogs chewed them up. 

On December 26th , 47 goldens, ranging in age from 1 to 7 years, both male and female, began their arduous journey to Beijing. 

Plastic airline kennels were ordered to transport the dogs via an enclosed panel truck the 950 miles to Beijing. Unfortunately wire crates were shipped in error. Rather than delay the transport the dogs were put into the wire crates and loaded into the panel truck, stacked two on top of each other. 

En route to Beijing the truck broke down and they had to wait for another truck to arrive; the dogs were then transferred to the new truck. They then drove through a snowstorm, and in Inner Mongolia, a sand storm. They arrived in Beijing on December 27th and were immediately brought to a warm shelter with heated kennels indoors where they could thaw out. Many were wrapped in blankets to stop the shivering (see photo, left). They are now receiving nourishing food and much needed veterinary care

All the dogs are severely malnourished; they all have lice, ear mites, hook worms, round worms, Coccidia and sores on their bodies. Several are having needed surgeries while in China, others will need additional medical attention when they arrive in the US and are received by their sponsoring rescue organization. 

As upsetting as this is, and as difficult as it is to look at these pictures, these goldens are now in the beginning phase on their way to a better life in the United States. It will take time – and money – to get them into an adoptable condition.

Thanks to your overwhelming response to our Giving Tuesday appeal, GRRI-NJ will be receiving 6 goldens into our rescue. Their arrival dates will be staggered throughout the next several months.

Many may need to remain in Beijing for several months until they are healthy enough to be vaccinated to meet the USDA Import requirements. We hope to receive our first in early March.

There are an additional 44 golden retrievers in another shelter in Ya’an. Once these 47 in Beijing are cared for and brought to their respective US rescues groups plans will be put in place to rescue these dogs.

If you are interested in adopting a golden retriever from China please visit our website and review the adoption requirements listed under “Adopting a Golden Retriever from Turkey”. The same requirements will apply to these China dogs.


Golden Retriever Rescue … Until they ALL have a home

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