Hi Friends, I’m Buddy, a super smart, 4 year old red golden retriever. I was lovingly placed in rescue because my family couldn’t take care of me anymore. They loved me very much, but I am a handful and they wanted me to live with a family who can give me the active life they can’t. Since I’ve been in foster care, I’ve been working on calm behavior because I really like to get excited and jump up on all my friends. I’m not gentle and am a bit of a bull, but I like to be handled gently and with love. I have not shown an ounce of mean or aggressive behavior in foster care, except that time when an off leash dog ran up to me outside and I growled at him. Thankfully, he listened and ran away from me. I love my golden retriever foster brother, Sebastian, and since I’ve never lived with another dog, I’m gradually learning how to play and it’s really fun! I love toys, playing ball, and sniffing bushes. I also love baths and blow dries. Actually my only complaint with my foster mom is that she doesn’t offer unlimited spa services. I sleep on the floor next to her bed and sometimes on the bed too, but if I push a toy under the bed, she has to get up and get it out before we can go to sleep. I love shredding paper, but I’ve left everything else in her house alone- and I haven’t had a single accident! I think training is so much fun and would love to go back to school. I already knew lots of commands and now I’m working on becoming a leash walking pro, but I still like to bark at other dogs and jump on people in excitement if they come close enough. Because I wasn’t neutered before puberty, my testosterone has encouraged a drive for humping. My foster family have been a target of my urge to grab loose clothes, hump legs and even Sebastian. I have to have a “time-out” to calm down. I was neutered recently so I’ll have less testosterone driving my behavior, but I’ll probably always hump sometimes because I practiced so much. I would be better living with a family where everyone weighs at least 130 pounds to be able to handle my sweet “bull in a china shop” behavior. I love kids, but I’m afraid that I scare them when they get knocked over or if I hump them. I’m getting along well with Sebastian, but he’s extremely calm and very tolerant of my sometimes rude behavior so I would require a special match with another dog. I’d be ok as an only dog too since I really love my people. I would love a family that would give me lots of nice walks, belly rubs, ball playing in the yard, and car rides. I like it if someone is home with me most of the time too. I’ve recovered from my neuter surgery and am ready to join my new family. Buddy is living in a foster home in Media, PA, so applications are being accepted from all counties in New Jersey, including those in South Jersey.  If you’re interested in adopting Buddy, please fill out an adoption application.  Thank you!