Available – Turkish Goldens – Various Ages – both Male and Female

“We are waiting patiently for our new home in the United States.” These faces represent just a few of the many Golden Retrievers abandoned on the streets, hiding intdgeneric1 the forests, or living in one of the municipal shelters in Turkey.  They are desperately hoping to start new lives here in the U.S.  GRRI-NJ has been working with Turkish volunteers, bringing as many of these dogs as we can to the U.S. and placing them in new and loving homes.  These beautiful dogs are screened by the volunteers in Turkey prior to flying into the U.S.  They are sweet, loving, very social and have been wonderful additions to their American homes.  These dogs need adoptive homes waiting for them prior to arriving in the U.S.  If you are interested in adopting one of these Goldens, please look at the “Adopting a Golden from Turkey” tab on our website (under the Adoption tab).  Mention in the comments section at the bottom of the application that you are interestetdgeneric2d in a Golden from Turkey.  We will not place these dogs in a home with an invisible fence, with children under 14 (that includes young visiting relatives) or with someone who works full time.  We do not know how they are with cats.