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 Murphy Was Already On The Mend
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Murphy (or Tiger as he was known then) was left in a shelter on July 10, 2004 and entered GRRI-NJ a few days later.  His physical condition was just awful. His eys and ears were raw and oozing, his coat was bare over most of his body, and his skin was black.  He looked and acted sad and disinterested in life.


After springing him from the shelter, GRRI-NJ took Tiger to the vet.  The vet confirmed that Tiger had bilateral eye and ear infections, as well as a nasty staph infection over most of his body.  He was also suffering from arthritis in his back hips, and he had quite a few lumps and bumps that required further investigation.


Tiger then got oatmeal baths, anti-inflamatories for his arthritis, and drops and pills for his various infections --  and he responded well.  The vet was very encouraged by Tiger's progress at his second visit.

And his foster Mom, Terry, reported that Tiger was a real sweetheart ... loved her kids, her dogs and even her cats ...



By August, Tiger had gone from a big ole itchy infected lump of dog to a happy playful waggy guy!  He even started chasing the other dogs at his foster home ... and you can see from the photo above that he adored barking at the cats!  All in all, with the help of consistent medical care and lots of TLC at his foster home, Tiger was well on his way to recovery!

But then in October, just when we felt certain Tiger was ready for adoption, he surprised us with a very serious medical condition:  stones in his urethra.

So Tiger had some pretty nasty surgery to remove the stones and create a new urethra. OUCH!!

Thankfully, the surgery was a complete success ... and just before Christmas, Tiger went hope to his new forever family ... and got a new forever name -- Murphy!

Our thanks to GRRI-NJ volunteers Stefanie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Gleason for conducting Tiger's evaluation in the shelter, and especially to foster Mom Terry Veiga and her family for all the TLC they gave Tiger for nearly 6 months!

And of course, thanks to prior donors to the Joann Smith Memorial Fund, who made Murphy's vet care and surgery possible!




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